U.S. Homeland Security Shuts Down Counterfeit Footwear Websites


In a massive dragnet over the Internet, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) branch of U.S. Department of Homeland Security seized website domains of some 80 websites with illicit file-sharing, copyright infringements, and sales of counterfeit goods.  Within the 82 sites shuttered during the raid last Friday, sneaker blog CounterKicks counted 12 dealing with sneakers and/or footwears, ranging from Nike to Timberland.  Caveat Emptor! via: SN//CK

The list of these online counterfeit dealers are as follow:

- bishoe.com
- 51607.com
- icqshoes.com
- jordansbox.com
- massnike.com
- merrytimberland.com
- mytend.com
- realtimberland.com
- sohob2b.com
- sohob2c.com
- tbl-sports.com
- timberlandlike.com