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BAPE x Casio G-Shock - GLS-5500

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Hot on the heels of the BAPE smoker comes a more traditional way to show affinity for the Ape General: another BAPE and Casio co-produced G-Shock. The platform for this project is the relatively slim GLS-5500, a similar profile to the G-5500AL-1JR used in a very recent Casio x ALIFE collaboration. It's nice to see a new profile in the mix, rather than the DW-5600 we see so much of in these collaboration pieces. The BAPE GLS-5500 has a pretty safe black color scheme, but gets pushbuttons in both blue and red. And of course, the ever-popular Ape logo backlight is present. Check out a close of up of the BAPE backlight after the jump.