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Nike Big Nike Hi - Black Denim-Plaid + Blue Denim | Available Now

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A question to all those in the denim industry why do you make our lives so much harder? Wasn't it enough already to have us go through the maze of fits and washes. Now, we have to worry about selvedge or non-selvedge, organic or not, and the myriad of tongue twisting terminology that aren't even suitable for us to print. Why can't you do something simple, like these new Big Nike Hi. Black denim with black leather accent and black check plaid.  To top it off, a white midsole and large "NIKE" imprint, also in white, on the heel. Or the Blue Denim edition with black leather trims, contrast stitching and big embroider "NIKE" at the back. Again, our lives aren't that complicated. While having selections is a good thing, there is no need to go over board with them. And if you're still not sure what we're talking about, just go over JD Sports to get yourself a pair of Nike Big Nike Hi. Maybe then you will understand...