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Nike Sportswear Stadium MFG - RAN NYC T-shirt

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This shirt from Nike's Stadium MFG is inspired by the "Cheetah of the City:" the NYC city rat - the fastest animals on the city streets. Rats are pretty rugged runners too, going over, under, and through anything to keep going, and so they are a pretty good mascot for Nike's whole Bowery-based running scene. The Stadium space on Bowery is home base of The Bridge Runners - and start/finish point for many of their runs - and the running culture it embodies is pure city. No running culture dogma, just miles. And of course, lots of style and creative energy fueling all of it. The shirts have the rat design on the back, with 276 - the address of the Stadium space; they can be ordered at the Nike Stadium, and are available for pickup 24 hours afterwards. Check out the design after the jump. If you're in NYC, run down to the Bowery.