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Nokia N8 - My SuperFun House Party By SO-ME | Video

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Though it was a late comer by industry standard, Apple's success with its iPhone really shook up other cellphone maker, especially the once market leader Nokia. To mark its comeback, the Finnish label introduced the N8 Smartphone with functions beyond the most current iPhone, the iPhone 4. This includes a 12-megapixel camera that shots in HD, HDMI connectivity, and AMOLED display. To emphasize the N8 is more than just a phone but a tool to manage your digital life, Nokia commissioned French artist SO-ME to direct a fun-oriented ad campaign of how an imaginary "SuperFun House Party" would be like. Aiming squarely at the iPhone, the video short includes a "virtual joystick" where by the viewer can switch back and forth between the 2 cellphones in determining the better resolution. See the fun-filled video by SO-ME after the jump. Enjoy!