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Audi Quattro Concept | Video

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We love our Audi's...and if the 2012 A6 we previewed was a bit too Country Club for you, check out this Quattro Concept video. This design project is a 20th anniversary commemoration, of the unveiling of the original Audi Quattro, at the 1980 Geneva Auto Show. Styling is typically show-car aggressive, with massive air intakes that evoke a Nissan GT-R grill, plus some features that seem to say "electric car." It's futuristic, but Audi keeps it realistic too; there isn't going to be any "What were they thinking?" in 10 or 15 years. Beneath the exterior, the drivetrain is based on that of the current RS5; power-wise, the turbocharged 5-cylinder generates 408 hp - and that's for a car that weighs just 1,300kg. Incidentally, that is extremely close to what the 1980 Quattro weighed - and the video draws a good comparison between the two. Actually, the video includes footage of an immaculate 1984 Sport Quattro - and that car might the real gem here, but that's another story. The interior of the 2-seat Quattro Concept is full-featured and well designed, but minimal - plus it has a fully 3D display on the dash. Check out the video after the jump for details and road testing.