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size? x Jon Burgerman x PUMA First Round

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As 2010 comes to a conclusion, UK's size? retail chain is wrapping up few of the final designs to its 10th anniversary commemoration. This also involves some of size?'s circle of avid supporters, including artist Jon Burgerman. Based on his previous coloration with size? in 2007, Burgerman is taking us through a strange journey once again, with even more erratic graphics and loads of caricatures. All to convey the anthropomorphic point of view from a pair of sneakers. Etched in red on a bare white, or a contrast of white on red, the graphics of the size? x Jon Burgerman x PUMA First Round leap out as intended by the artist. Limited to a total of 130 pairs in white, 40 pairs in red worldwide, both will be available exclusively at size? retail locations across England and its official online store on Sunday, December 12th.

Release Date: December 12th (Sunday)