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TRON: Legacy - Style of Tron | Video


In all of the pre-movie TRON hype, we've shown every one of the official trailers (and in case you missed them, check out trailer Number One, trailer Number Two, and trailer Number Three), as well as a visual remixes with tracks from the movie (like this one featuring Daft Punk). There hasn't been too much attention paid specifically to the design and style in the film itself, though - which is exactly what this latest trailer video, TRON: LEGACY - Style of Tron does. Featuring clips and scenes from the film, as well as actor and designer interview clips, this trailer highlights a few of the impressions that TRON insiders have about the movie's one-of-a-kind feel. Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, and Olivia Wilde speak a bit about the meaning of the movie, and the impact they think it will have. Obviously a must-watch for all TRON fans. Check out the video after the jump.