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Seth MacFarlane "He who lives in a Glass House" Ft. Nike LeBron VIII

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Here's a bit more procrastination material for your Friday: the latest video from Seth MacFarlane's "Cavalcade of Comedy." Just like the 8 Things You Never Hear video we brought you earlier this week, MacFarlane again features a mini Lebron James storyline: after a cartoon-glorious game, Lebron morphs into a fantastically dorky scientist, and places his Lebron VIII's into a robotic box emblazoned with the radiation symbol. And from there - with no segue - MacFarlane cuts to the body of the video. Which is definitely worth watching, even if you aren't really a fan of the Family Guy creator. Is this Lebron/Nike theme getting suspicious though? King James is legitimate as a news story and pop culture reference for MacFarlane, but we're waiting to see how this shakes out. Check the video after the jump.