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Nike Dunk High - Black - Red - White | January 2011 Release

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The Dunk High for January 2011 is a good reminder to acknowledge the hard workers behind the Nike Dunk grind (not talking about Vietnam - that's a whole different story). Designers at the idyllic Beaverton campus have to produce, every month, using the relatively limited template of the Dunk, and there are finite numbers of birds, animal prints, and denims that can be worked in. The January 2011 Black/Red Dunk High shows what can be done while sticking to the simplicity that is the real strength of the Dunk. Colors are so classic that it could be part of the Be True series. But this is a study in textiles, with both smooth and pebbled leathers, plus a Polka Dot embossed leather - which if it's good enough for a Comme des Garcons wallet, it's good enough for a Dunk. If there is any "I Could Do It Better" going on, please let Nike know. Check out the detail shots after the jump. via: Crooked Tongues.