HUMAN MADE – Deck Sneakers


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It is a well known fact that BAPE founder and an all round entrepreneur NIGO is an avid collector of almost everything from American pop culture. He collects clothes, toys, art, signage and even point of sale items and this love for the vintage design from by gone era is reflected on his newly launched personal label HUMAN MADE. The theme of the brand explores the fusion of the past and future, from his point of view. Unlike BAPE, the designs are nostalgic and have the crafted feel, thus the name of the label. They have recently released the Deck Sneakers and it is an old school vulcanized canvas sneaker. Double foxing tape characterizes the sneakers and walking polar bears are definitely an original touch. Canvas uppers come in either white or black colors with white shoe laces and inner lining. via: BEAMS

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Deck Sneakers Black

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