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adidas Originals Superstar Do-It-Yourself Ornament

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adidas originals ornament summary

Since holidays are completely commercialized anyway, why not make the best of it with an ornament from adidas based on the classic Superstar sneaker? Best of all, it's free, and you can make as many as you want. adidas has rolled out a Do-It-Yourself paper sneaker ornament, which you can download here. All you need to construct your own ornament, or pair, is a pair of scissors, some tape, and a string or rubber band to hang the finished product. adidas gives it a traditional red & green holiday color theme, but go wild with the markers to make it your own. Or print it in black & white, and customize it completely. Check out an image of the ornament printout after the jump, and get your own here.

adidas originals ornament 1