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airwalk – Everest Boots Japan Exclusive Edition

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Everest 3

The airwalk Everest Boots model is based on the classic Desert Boots and it is one of the shoes that broaden airwalk’s appeal outside of the skateboarding community. MCA aka Adam Yauch from Beastie Boys are amongst many musicians who used to sport the Desert Boots and this Everest Boots is the winter version of the Desert Boots complete with a warm boa inner lining. The suede uppers on these Japan Exclusive versions are colored purple, red and brown, which is not released anywhere else in the world. Black shark soles also equips this model and the airwalk logo is embossed on the outer ankle portion of the boots. via: mita sneakers


Everest 2

Everest Purple

Everest Purple 2

Everest Purple 3

Everest Purple 4

Everest Purple 5

Everest Red

Everest Red 2

Everest Red 3

Everest Red 4

Everest Red 5

Everest Brown

Everest Brown 2

Everest Brown 3

Everest Brown 4

Everest Brown 5