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Casio G-Shock X-Large Combination Monotone GA110-7 Pack

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First, it was uncompromising in size, then it was uncompromising in color. Then, it became one of the fast favorites of Casio G-Shock fans and a coveted model for collaborations (Dee and Ricky got first dips in that). For those who do favor size but are not out to shock or dazzle and further, the extra-large GA110 model has shed the vivid pink and purple, and is classic and clean in monochromatic black and white. With both digital and analog reads on the watch, the monotone GA110-7 duo continues to feature the popular Casio G-Shock functions such as shock resistance, world time, 200M water resistance, and auto calendar. Here is to the versatile watch that will go with every outfit and kicks but is also far, far away from dull! Available now at colette.


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