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Packer Shoes x Reebok ‘Nique’ Pump Omni Zone | Release Information

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Last year, Packer Shoes released what many believed to be the standout model from the Pump 20 campaign. Their model honored Dominique Wilkins, who never received his own signature shoe (how is that possible?). Freshness was on hand for last year’s festivities, and we later got an in-depth look at the boutique with a well-rounded feature with Mike Packer. The white model had many ‘Nique-specific details, including the number 21, and the years 1985 and 1990 on the heels. This model is draped in black tumbled leather with a white speckeled midsole to compliment the red and yellow accents. The Pump Omni Zone is a bit more foot-friendly for everyday wear, so this model  will likely pair a bit easier with everyday garments.

The Packer Pump 20 model has fetched more than a thousand dollars on the secondary market, and that’s largely due to the ultra-limited 31 pairs that were made available. For this release, the number is upped to 441–representative of ‘Nique’s number 21 and the 21st year of the Reebok Pump (each pair is individually numbered on the lining). The release is slated for Tuesday, December 14th at 12 noon. Those who stop by the store will be treated to exclusive goodies like shirts and additional giveaways, but if you can make it to Teaneck that afternoon, the shoes will also be available on Packer’s website, which will be set up just to facilitate the purchase of this single release. So if you’re in the area, stop by for what always turns out to be a good time at a sneaker spot that has been in the game for 100 years, and is finally reaping some of the rewards with a standout release like this.

Packer Shoes

941 Teaneck Road | Map

Teaneck, NJ 07666

TEL: 201-837-2022

Release Date: December 14th