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The History of Daft Punk | Video

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Sure, the puritans may argue that reading has been under-appreciated, but for those of us who do appreciate the likes of Youtube and 3D LED TV, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. So, considering a video is made up of a convoy of pictures, do the math and tell me if taking a quick video tour of history is less painless than going through scrolls of Wikipedia. In this light, go through a swift history of Daft Punk and get to know the electronic duo which has been dominating the spotlight even without revealing their faces for ages, and more recently, for their work with the upcoming sci-fi blockbuster release, TRON: Legacy. Get to know the duo better, and for those who only recognize Daft Punk with their black leather jackets and chrome helmets, have fun learning that their masks are quite as varied as their sounds. via: soundmojo