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Air Jordan V Premio - Bin 23 | Sample Preview

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When Jordan Brand announced the Bin 23 collection, their press release read: "When the time is right, select shoes from history's most revered line of footwear will appear in exceptional releases conceived for the true connoisseur." Apparently, the time is right for the V. Whether or not this resurrection of the Jordan V appeals to the connoisseur or not, it certainly makes a statement. The Bin 23 Collection Jordan V is made from a lightly distressed - but very smooth - black leather, with the translucent sole and lacelock for the classic touch, and some light speckling on the midsole giving it a tiny dose of retro funkiness. As with all Bin 23 releases, these V's come with custom shoe trees, are individually numbered for collectors, and have the "wax seal" emblem. Chances are that Jordan heads are either going to love where this is going, or they are not - but it is nice to see the iconic "teeth" of the Jordan V appearing on a sleek black shoe - rather than being pimped out on various garish retro releases. Check out all of the preview shots after the jump. via: Marquee Sole.