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Nike Vengeance ACG Terra

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Nike has been quite relentless (and for the most part, successfully so) in their sneaker chimera creations recently, and the Fall/Winter 2010 line-up of Nike ACG releases is quite evident of that. Since Lunarlon has made its way onto Nike's tech roster, Nike ACG has been going quite creative and wild with their Lunar mixes. The latest mesh-up to greet the world is a revival of the Nike Vengeance from the Nike V-Series roll call, and the sneaker has been injected with the Nike ACG Terra DNA for a quick rejuvenation of a classic. Combining the classic jogger with Nike ACG midsole with Lunar cushioning, the newly speckled Vengeance upper is now back...with a vengeance to score some territorial space in sneaker closets everywhere. Happily colored, the new hybrid is set to hit shelves this coming spring. via: SF