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Michael Lau Custom Gibson Guitar at Art Basel

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michael lau art assault guitar summary

Art Basel 2010 is well past us; the hangovers are gone, the deals are done, and the Gazillionaire Art Collector set has decamped. One thing that some people might have missed amid all the hubbub was the presence of the urban vinyl segment in Miami, most notably Freshness-favorite Michael Lau. Lau, along with a selection of fellow vinyl artists including Pete Fowler, 123Klan, and Matt Waldman of Nooka, was recruited by guitar-maker Gibson for an installation called Art Assault, which called on these artists to customize a Gibson Kramer Assault 211FR Guitar. Lau's approach was to forgo any obfuscation, and transform the guitar into it's most stripped down form. His inspiration was drawn from the creative process through which he creates his toys - starting with un-colored gray or white paper or sculpture. By keeping this theme of first creative steps, the guitar Lau designed emphasizes the raw creative power of the instrument. All of the guitars are being auctioned off soon to benefit the charitable Gibson Foundation. Check out Lau's guitar after the jump.

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