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Nitraid – Club Jacket 2

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Club Jacket 2 Orange 4

Among the most popular silhouette this year is the Club Jacket from Nitraid. Though a “collared” variant, in addition to the three colorways available in navy/orange, black/camel and all black, the jacket is still made in a similar manner as a classic varsity jacket.  Its body is made of wool and nylon blend for warmth and softness, while the sleeves are constructed in genuine leather. Long ribs are fitted on the cuffs and waist to shut out cold wind and high collars are buttoned down. Six pockets are allocated on the front with two chest pockets, two buttoned flap pocket and two hand warmers on the side. via: zoetrope

Club Jacket 2 Orange

Club Jacket 2 Orange 2

Club Jacket 2 Orange 3

Club Jacket 2 Camel

Club Jacket 2 Camel 2

Club Jacket 2 Camel 3

Club Jacket 2 Black

Club Jacket 2 Black 2

Club Jacket 2 Black 3