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Supreme x Popeye the Sailor Winter 2010 Capsule Collection

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Comic characters are a rich source of pop culture symbolism, but few have as much weight in terms of war-time significance as Popeye the Sailor. The tattooed sailor was idolized by soldiers in WWII - who emblazoned the character on their gear and clothing, beloved for his sanctioned brawling on behalf of his sweethart; Popeye retains a strong legacy in the Armed Forces, and this Winter, Supreme is tying into that trove of symbolism with a capsule collection featuring the Sailor. The collection features an M-65 Military Jacket, Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt and a T-Shirt and Beanie available in two colorways. The M-65 has potential as a Supreme classic, and the T-Shirt might fit the bill for anyone not taken by some of the brand's Rustoleum shirts. Check out the full collection after the jump. Available in-store and online December 16th, and at Supreme in Japan on December 18th.

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