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Diddy-Dirty Money - Ass On The Floor Ft. Swizz Beatz | Video

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Dubbed a forerunner of a fresh genre, "Futuristic Soul", P.Diddy's new crew, Diddy-Dirty Money was born out of the infamous Diddy's need to tell an unbiased love story. While, the group's last releases, "Loving You No More" and "Love Come Down', and "Coming Home" have more of a thoughtful sound, it is apparent from "Hello Good Morning" that the group will not just be belting out reflections with a beat. With "Ass On The Floor", the group not only opts for a heavy club vibe in terms of titling, but in sound as well. The decisive marching beat has been paired with an interesting take on visuals-- the duo's ladies, Dawn Richard and Kalenna Harper, have been stationed atop drifting snow piles in fur, but without pants. Regardless of how the concept for the video came to be, chances are this fresh track with Swizz Beatz will be heard in clubs all over the world. Check out the official video after the jump.