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NEXUSVII (7) x Loopwheeler - Turtleneck Sweater

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Japanese label, NEXUSVII is no stranger to working with Loopwheeler by now. For Fall/Winter 2010, the label had not only rolled out one of Loopwheeler's signatures, softly spun hoodies, but have also recently dropped a grunge-worthy grey turtleneck sweater complete with vintage details such as a round hand warmer pockets and v-neck paneling in the front. The sweaters have a trompe l'eoil, layering effect, and are made from one of Loopwheeler's vintage looms, specifically the "Hang Knitting" Loopwheeler machine, which only produces up to 1m of fabric and hour. These are available now at select Loopwheeler and NEXUSVII retailers.