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New Balance H710 Ivy League Collection

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New balance h710 ivy league summary

School is cool, kids. More specifically, Ivy League schools are the epitome of cool, as evidenced by the explosion in popularity of the book Take Ivy. Take Ivy is a collection of candid photographs shot in the early 1960s on the campuses of America's elite; long a cult classic for fashion inspiration, it was re-printed in 2006 to coincide with the demand for all things preppy. You won't find any New Balance shoes in the book, but the shoemaker is working in a bit of preppy inspiration with the H170 collection. Each shoe pays homage to an Ivy League school - one each for Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn, Princeton, and Yale - we're not forgetting anyone, are we? - with a corresponding color and a tongue tag. New Balance is obviously paying attention to the other trends we're seeing, as the H710 capitalizes on the "hiking sneaker" aesthetic. Even if you can't claim the school, the sneakers are solid - classic versions of the tried and true New Balance H710, in suede and nylon. Check out the collection after the jump. via:

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