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Doraemon x New Era - 59FIFTY Caps

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Japanese manga, Doraemon first debuted back in 1969 and with its futuristic story line, it captured the hearts of audiences from children to adults. Even after 40 years now, it is still much loved by fans all around the world. The friendly robot is the latest brand to cross paths with New Era and four versions of the 59FIFTY caps have been produced. Doraemon New Era and Nezumi (mouse) All Over designs use the character as a straight forward embroidery on the body. On the other hand, the Doraemon Camouflage version is made up by the outline of the character as multi colored camouflage pattern. Black embroidery on black body makes up the Face cap and its subtle design is only revealed upon close inspection. via: Amazingstore

Doraemon New Era

Doraemon New Era 2

Nezumi All Over

Nezumi All Over 2


Face 2

Doraemon Camouflage

Doraemon Camouflage 2