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TRON: Legacy x Reebok - Omni Pump + Insta Pump Fury | Preview

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The movie TRON: Legacy might just create a legacy of its own - as the most marketed movie so far. There theme inspired toys, clothing, games, electronics, not to mention a full pictorial spread on Playboy. But there are plenty of gems among the midst as with the TRON: Legacy x Reebok Pack. Comprised of 2 Reebok PUMPs, the Omni Pump and Insta Pump Fury, each is in black (with subtle hint of grey on the Omni Pump). Splashed across both designs are the recognizable teal/blue, glow-in-the-dark accents in the forms of the TRON digital motifs. The TRON: Legacy x Reebok Pack will be available as part of the Spring/Summer 2011 line-up, with expected release date sometime early next year. But for most us, we might not be able to wait the long.... via: Provider