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éS x SK8MAFIA x Kellen James - Capsule Collection

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A solid triple brand collaboration project, or should we say double brand a pro skateboarder, have been unveiled as skate footwear company éS teamed up with SK8MAFIA and Kellen James on a capsule collection. It consists of éS Square Two shoes, SK8MAFIA deck and a t-shirt. Unifying factor being the Dia De Los Muertos Virgin Mary graphics and the low key burgundy colorway. The centerpiece of the collection, the Virgin Mary, was drawn up by James' friend Sal who did an impromptu illustration for him. Metallic gold details surrounds the contour of the illustration and it is printed on the deck, outer box and on the sneaker insoles. It also comes with a SK8MAFIA medallion and stencil to claim your allegiance. éS also have an interview with Kellen James on their website along with a short video of him doing what he does best.