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SneakerWare – iPhone App

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Imagine this, it’s the year of great sneakers. It was 2009, and you have just gotten your hands on the hottest pair of sneaker there is – the Nike Air Yeezy by Kanye West. You desperately want to share (or show off) the fruits of your 12-hour labor of patience to your friends, or use it as leverage to get to something else you really want. But, there are only two ways to do it – One, to mass MMS all your friends. Or two, lug your shoe box from door to door around town. And, to take a look at what your friends have to offer, house calls for sneakers are in archaic order. What if, there is an easier way to connect with your friends and their kicks that doesn’t involve serious abuse of public transportation? What if, your friends can find out the latest recruit in your sneaker force instantaneously a la Facebook? Thanks to R+D Inc., there is an easier way to go about sharing your sneakers on the first and largest mobile social network for sneakerheads, SneakerWare.

Like Facebook, MySpace, and… SneakerWare is a social network, with one exception, it was designed specifically with sneakers and their ardent collectors in mind. The new app allows each sneakerhead to create his or her own profile online, a little enclave of their own where they can connect with their friends, make new ones, and finally, rant on their kicks. Users will be able to interact with their friends and other members, and further more, SneakerWare comes with several unique functions catering to a sneakerhead’s every whim.

So here is a brief walk through of SneakerWare: First and foremost, you create a profile base on your personal information. This allows you to find your friends and vice versa. Next, it is time to build your arsenal – a virtual warehouse full of your kicks. Just because where you stored your sneakers is actually your kitchen cabinets, doesn’t mean other people have to see beastly sight. With this digital inventory, you can organize them effortlessly via library images or personal photographs. Finally, share your prized possessions with other SneakerWare users and friends. They can comment on your sneakers, or better yet, get offers to trade from a built-in trading function. Who knows, that pair of Air Yeezy might just land you a few other pairs you don’t have.

Or course, you can “camwhoring” too and brag about your latest conquest on your Facebook or Twitter status from your mobile uploads. Or simply let your friends know what you’re wearing today by marking the sneaker on your warehouse. It beats carrying a camera with you at all time.

After your have built your online empire of sneakers, silenced all of your detractors. Now it is time to purchase some more for expansion. Head over to SneakerWare’s Shop Guide function. With up-to-date geolocation and GPS, the app will point you to the nearest and best sneaker boutiques. Now if you’re an urban explore and finds a fresh new sneaker retailer, just submit the store into SneakerWare’s database and share the find with your fellow kicks lovers.

With an ever changing scene in trends, including that of sneaker scenes, SneakerWare will also provide you with daily updated news powered by our friends at Best of all, SneakerWare is absolutely FREE! So why not download and try your hands (or fingers) on it today?

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