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Play Cloths - Hooded Varsity

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play cloths hooded varsity summary

From the beginning, Play Cloths has done streetwear with a eye for more classic influences, and this hooded varsity jacket from the Holiday 2010 collection is no exception. The jacket stands out from the masses of varsity jackets mainly because of the hood, but even aside from that, it's a solid contender in a year in which the varsity jacket is nearing a saturation point. Play Cloths keeps it pretty convention and classic aside from the hood, with a wool body, satin lining, zippered welt pockets, piped ribbed cuffs and hems, and of course of a chenille varsity applique of the Play Clothes logo. Check out the images after the jump; it's definitely an interesting addition the varsity jacket offerings of this season, and a sure to please fans of Play Cloths. Available at Standard in Atlanta.

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