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Jordan Brand - Dwyane Wade "Dominate Another Day" Video | Part 2

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While party goers sat around the fireplace, Dwyane Wade, Code Name Agent D3, is about to get roast, quite literally, by a purple laser. Will he get out safely from the clutch of Zen Master and his hoard of Black Mambas? In this new Christmas Day clip by Jordan Brand, we see Agent D3 escaping deadly traps spun by his adversary Zen Master while fellow secret operator, Kevin Hart (aka Agent H), tried his best to entertain guests gathered for the Christmas party. Noted are the numerous quips with reference to Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers within the clip, from Zen Master's purple/gold robe to a death pit full of Black Mambas. Dwyane Wade is Agent D3 in Part 2 of "Dominate Another Day", set to premiere tomorrow during the live broadcast when Miami Heat go against Bryant and L.A. Lakers.

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