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Oakley Frogskin - Acid Rain Collection Preview

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oakley frogskin acid rain summary

This is very much in the sneak-preview category. Not much info available yet, and just one spy shot so far, but in a visit to Oakley headquarters, Jeff Staple apparently got a hint of what is to come in the new year from Oakley. Reportedly scheduled for a Spring 2011 release, the "Acid Rain" collection sees the Frogskin reincarnated in some classic colors that mimic the aesthetic of the early 1980's, when the iconic eyeglass was first introduced. Set in translucent composite frames, the collection starts with a smoke gray, and progresses through blue, magenta, orange, and fluorescent yellow. No word on lens options yet (the preview shot just shows Oakley's smoke gray lens), but if these get Iridium lenses, the results will be amazing. Check out the full preview shot after the jump, and stay tuned for more info in the new year. via: Jeff Staple.

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