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BAPE Store Beijing - Opening December 2011?

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This surely will be a disappointment for fans of A Bathing Ape in Beijing and Northern China. After much speculation on its opening date, its finally official. The previous disclosed BAPE Store Beijing will be opening on December 30th... of 2011. No explanation from A Bathing Ape and its Chinese distributor, I.T. of Hong Kong, on the lengthy construction time frame. Maybe because the built up also involves several other storefronts, including the all-important COMME des GARÇONS, not to mention the complexity since Masamichi Katayama (片山正通) and his firm WONDERWALL will be handling the project. Let's hope no one is queuing up now in front of the construction site... via: WONDERWALL

*UPDATE* We were told by several sources that the BAPE Store Beijing will be opening on December 30th of 2010, not 2011 as WONDERWALL suggested on its recent web update.  The error stemmed from a typo from the new WONDERWALL newsletter.