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ShoeZeum - Nike Air Jordans 360 Degrees 360 Pairs | Video

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Immediately after the first video surfaced, we scrambled for the nearest thesaurus since the word "awesome" just wasn't suffice enough. Situated at an undisclosed location is a 9,000 square-foot warehouse that goes by the name ShoeZeum. The proprietor of this Mecca, Sneak's Kicks, estimated his collection to be around 1,500 pairs. A modest amount till you see the range, a virtual museum of Nike footwear with everything from a pair of track spikes worn by Steve Prefontaine in 1973 to the latest Nike Air Force One. The most spectacular however is his Air Jordan collection, one of the most complete portfolio to date. To get a gist of how much Air Jordans are in ShoeZeum, here is a 360-degree of the 360 pairs on display. Though low-tech, this is the closest thing to the movie Tron: Legacy for sneakerheads. Enjoy!

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