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ALL GONE 2010 | Preview

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Even Michael Dupouy of La MJC admitted he's been somewhat elusive from his online community lately.  And no, it was not because he was on vacation at some French Riviera resort or stuck at Heathrow Airport because of the snowstorm.  However, the emotions of both joy and hardship, which he experienced at the time, are quite similar.  For much of this month, Dupouy was putting the final touches on ALL GONE 2010, the retrospective book highlighting the important limited edition merchandises of 2010.  Since this upcoming edition will be the 5 th one, Dupouy announced ALL GONE 2010 will be bounded in luxurious black nubuck and brown nubuck. Itself a limited edition, the ALL GONE 2010 will be available on the ALL GONE online store and select book store towards the end of January 2011.