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Lil' Wayne Portrait | By Eric Giddings

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Before dismissing this drawing as simply another portrait of rapper Lil' Wayne, take a moment to look at it closely. Very soon, the "secret" behind it will begin to reveal itself. Rather than just simple sketching, the gradients are actually compositions of lines, shapes, and voids, based on the proximity of marks, similar to that of a topographical map. Measured at 16" x 16", the pen on paper portrait is done by Maine-base artist Eric Giddings as part of his Legend Lines Series highlighting artistic talents of past and present. Aside from Lil' Wayne, the series include Aretha Franklin, Haile Gebrselassie, along with B.B. King and others. In addition to the original works, Giddings will also be offering limited edition poster prints at the end of this month. For those who are interested, visit Eric Giddings' online gallery for more information. See the amazing details of the illustration after the jump.