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Louis Vuitton Men's Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

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LV spring 2010 mens bags summary

Vuitton has been around since 1854, and a house with over 150 years of straitlaced couture fashion can't completely buck tradition. But once Louis Vuitton watchers saw menswear models sporting faux neck tattoos courtesy of Scott Campbell last year, it was clear there was a bit of new blood involved. Now we've got a look at the collection of men's bags offered by the French couturier for the coming Spring season. As LV Men's Studio Director Paul Helbers (working under the artistic direction of Marc Jacobs) puts it: "It's a rhapsody of three virtual scenarios for a digital bohemian, a man who travels the world from behind his computer screen." That's essentially fashion-speak for a collection that spans some broad influences: in this case, the traditional, the un-apologetically athletic, and the, well, tattooed. The collection includes some LV classics: weekend bags and shoulder bags in both Utah leather and a woven monogram (a distressed finish makes it clear that this LV monogram is for the gents). This collection is notable for the outliers though: first, a bag from the Articles de Voyage collection in a distressed denim look that is new for LV. Second, what is probably the most purely athletic duffle ever seen with an (authentic) LV monogram. And third, of course, is the Scott Campbell-inspired Utah Tattoo, sporting a laser-engraved tribal tattoo design. Check out the full collection after the jump; it's probably an interesting one for those who love LV and even those who don't. via: ilovelv.

LV Monogram-Impression-Besace

LV Monogram-Impression-Sac-Weekend

LV Utah-Cabas-Zippe-Basalte

LV Utah-Sac-Weekend-Basalte

LV Utah-Neo-Greenwich-Tattoo

LV Articles-de-Voyage-Cabas-Denim

LV Damier-Aventure-Practical