Nike Air Max LeBron VII (7) - Bugatti Veyron Carbon Fiber Inspired Custom | Video


Jordan has his Ferrari Testarossa, Kobe has his Aston Martin, so it will be matter of time before LeBron gets his Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4 Super Sport. With his new 6-year contract at $110 million dollars, LeBron James could certainly spare a few mills to buy some more of roving beast of machinery, make that 30 more. (At $2.7 million  each, the Veyron is the most expensive street legal car on the market today) But will he have matching sneakers to go with them?  Customizer Mizzeecustoms might just have the solution.  In a preview video, Mizzeecustoms give viewers a peek of his newest project a pair of Nike Air Max LeBron VII rehashed with the Veyron's carbon fiber chassis in mind.  The teaser hinted no additional information except its date of unveiling, January 11, 2011.  Wondering how all this will pan out next week?  Stay tune for more information to come but for now peek your curiosity with this teaser video. Enjoy!

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