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NIKEiD - Iz Mateo Talks About The Nike Zoom Kobe VI iD | Video

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With an almost unlimited design elements at your disposable, one unexpected side effect begin to appear an apprehension to actually pen down what you have in mind during a NIKEiD customization session. To get over that intimidation factor, NIKEiD and Nike Sportswear created a short video with Iz Mateo. A customization specialist, Mateo's been with the NIKEiD since its inception at NIKEiD Studio on 255 Elizabeth Street, where the program really took shape. Now as the Lead Design Consultant at Nike Sportswear 21 Mercer, Mateo not only oversee much of the NIKEiD appointments, but is the only certified designer in the exclusive Nike Bespoke program. While there are several instructions need to adhere to on the NIKEiD website. On this video, Mateo does almost the opposite, by addressing the need to keep it simple, especially when there are numerous design options like those on the new Nike Zoom Kobe VI iD. Enjoy!