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Schwinn - 2011 Racer Fixed Bikes

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scwhinn racer 2011 summary

Realistically speaking, fixed gear culture breached the mainstream many, many years ago. So while some purists still insist on denigrating the newcomers, or the commercialization, now the elitism itself is painfully out of style. Plus, anyone taking the time to look down on the embrace of fixed gear bikes by "the masses" should probably update their own trend clock - it's been years since fixed gear culture was a secret society you could feel you were a member of. The new status quo is that a good, fun bicycle is a good fun bicycle - and on that note, enter the 2011 Racer series from Schwinn. Building your own fixed gear bike is a great experience, but for anyone who wants to jump right in, for under $300, the Schwinn Racer is a great entry point. Yes, you're not going to have any cred with the NJS crowd, but on the other hand, this is a bike you can ride in any conditions, drop, and lock outdoors without worrying. Plus, you can make it your own; it's a good bet we'll be seeing Aerospokes on a few of these. Check out both colorways after the jump. via: