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Mercedes-Benz - mbrace iPhone App | Video

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Last year, luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz resolved some of the age old issues drivers have with navigation and cars such as locating your parked car in the lot and locking and unlocking cars remotely with the mbrace iPhone app. This year, the app receives a refresh and is set for a February release. Some new navigation features includes a function which allows the driver to speak to a text-to-speech system or an actual associate in the car to conduct all kinds of navitagion inquiries.

One of the coolest feature is "Drive2Friend", which allows the driver to figure out a friend's location jsut by entering in his or her mobile phone number. The app will then fire out a text message which will indicate to your friend that you are trying to find them. If they agree to disclose their location, the location will be sent right back to the car and you can get directions straight to you.

Check out the hands-on video at Engadget.