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Agata Olek Wall Street Bull Sculpture Crocheted | Video

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This is a story of a girl and her lonely bull. Not wanting the Wall Street Bull sculpture to spend Christmas alone. Crochet artist Agata Olek volunteered much of her Christmas' Eve, in 20-degree temperature, to shower some much needed love to that the lonesome figure. With help from camera man Devan Simunovich, large knitting needles, and already crocheted pieces, the artist went to work with a constant glance down the street for the impending police patrol. Instead, Olek received a few visitors, all hurried on home before snowpocalypse 2010 hit. As a send off, the artist gave the bull something more than knitted "sweater", a hug.

Charging Bull Sculpture
Bowling Green Park | Map
New York, NY 10004

Agata Olek   Wall Street Bull Sculpture Crocheted