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Apple iPhone 4 Comes To Verizon Wireless | Available February 10th

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At 11:06 EST this morning, minus or plus 3 minutes or so, Verizon COO Lowell McAdam uttered the words millions of current Verizon and disgruntled AT&T customers hoped to hear "Today we're partnering with a giant of the industry, and that's Apple."

Talks started back in 2008, but finally the Apple iPhone 4 is coming to Verizon Wireless. This morning's brief media gathering at Lincoln Center in New York City marked another milestone. For the first time, the much sought after smart phone will be available on a CDMA cellular network. And since the contract with Verizon is a "multi year, non exclusive" agreement. There will be possibility in the near future for iPhone 4 to appear at Sprint and other CDMA-base service providers.

Beside an almost unnoticeable addition to the outer aluminum stripes that double as antennas, the Apple iPhone 4 for Verizon Wireless is virtually indistinguishable from AT&T Wireless'. The similarities extend to most of the technical specifications too. The new phone will also offer (thank God!) Mobile Hot Spot option, allowing WiFi connectivity for up to 5 mobile devices. Though not much, there were a few "let downs". Because of growing interest, Apple decided to forgo the newer, faster LTE network and instead use the CDMA standard. The ability to use voice and data simultaneously will be out too since the Verizon CDMA network does not support it. A concern many have is can the Verizon Wireless infrastructure handle the increase in data traffic, or will it falter like AT&T? During the presentation, Verizon Wireless President and CEO Daniel S. Mead stated, "I want to spend a minute on how robust our network is. We have designed this network for customers to have an optimum experience. We have been drive testing this on our network." He continued, "iPhone 4 is going to run on our network... network capacity -- we have advanced the capacity and built margin into it. We're ready for this launch."

16GB - $199 (With 2-Year Contract)
32GB - $299 (With 2-Year Contract)

Release Date:
February 3rd, 2011 (Thursday) - Pre-Order For Verizon Wireless Customers
February 10th, 2011 (Thursday) - Everyone Via Online, In-Store, Apple Stores