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Nike - RUN Fwd: | Video

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Running is back in full force again, as the trend towards personal fitness is on everyone's minds and what is more easier than to simply put on a pair of runners and start running. Nike has been pushing the new running movement forward by instigating events that promote running culture. The latest attempt at running is the RUN Fwd: campaign. It is based on ekiden, a Japanese term for an event involving long distance relay with multiple runners.

However this is not a real relay as such but a virtual one, where teams can be formed around the world. Each team member will need to run at least 3 km using Nike+ in order to pass the relay onto the next runner. It is a competition to see who can make the longest continuous distance with the most amount of runners by the midnight of Monday, February 28th. If you are up for the challenge, then strap on your runners and join in the race.

RUN Fwd 2