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SOPHNET. - Argyle Knit Cardigan + V Neck Sweaters

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Argyle Knit Cardigan 4

Its quite logical, when Winter is concern, layering becomes a necessity to retain warmth. And so SOPHNET. just released its 100% wool Argyle Knit Cardigan and V Neck Sweater to diversify your wardrobe. Available in gray and navy colors and it integrates the argyle pattern in Jacquard weaving. Unlike the orthodox argyle patterns, this minimalist redesign simplifies the pattern down to basic multi colored diamond shapes. Both the cardigan and v neck sweater feature the pattern on the front only, leaving the back plain. Find these pieces at The-Glade and FIRMAMENT boutique in Berlin.

Linienstrasse 40 | Map
10119 Berlin Germany

Argyle Knit Cardigan

Argyle Knit Cardigan 2

Argyle Knit Cardigan 3

Argyle Knit V Neck Sweater

Argyle Knit V Neck Sweater 2

Argyle Knit V Neck Sweater 3