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Dodge Vankat - The Ultimate Blizzard Vehicle

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dodge vancat summary

If you're like most people along the East Coast of the US, it's a snow day today. And if school wasn't canceled, or you aren't working from home, traveling is a definite gamble. One option to make travel through snowy terrain a cinch is this mash-up vehicle, which combines a Dodge Ram Van body, a Ford 391 V8 engine, a Thokiol chassis, all rolling on a set of rugged snow tracks. The main thing that sets this apart from the run-of-the mill Sno Cat is that the 1970's A-Team feel, evoked by the seriously retro van body and paint job. The Dodge Vankat, a one-off creation, is actually for sale right now, from Peak Snow Adventures of Idaho. You can also take 15 friends along with you, virtually anywhere, in the Vankat. Check out the images after the jump, and travel safe today. via: Autoblog.