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Intel x adidas - adiVerse Virtual Footwear Wall

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Interactive kiosk can help enhance the shopping experience for consumers. But as for replacing the product displays themselves...  With help from tech giant Intel, adidas is experimenting several retail experience concept, including the virtual footwear wall. Unveiled at the ongoing 2011 National Retail Federation in New York City, the adiVerse Virtual Footwear Wall stores up to 8,000 pairs of sneakers, cleats, and etc..  The multi-panel touch screen allows customers to view their selections in 3-D forms, zoom-in on details, examine technical specifications, and related videos.  Made by creative agency Start Creative, the premise of this concept is to open adidas store fronts where space is limited or at a premium.  The reduction of models on display will help these smaller stores to carry more items and offer more selections for consumers.  The first of these concept stores will be opening in England first sometime next year, positioning it for the 2012 Olympic in London. Now think of the prospect of storing your kicks collection "virtually"...



via: Fast Company