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Stone Island – Reflective Jacket

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Gone are the days when reflective materials are made in silver material, that can be mistaken for a spacesuit. Stone Island have gotten their hands on state of the art material which is constructed from 47% glass fibers with a blend of resin that makes up the polyester shell. Furthermore this material is highly reflective even in low light conditions,as  explained in full on the above information tag. Two versions are available in blue and yellow colorways and each are accented by white zippers and snap buttons. High collars store the packable hood and adjustable straps and draw strings are located on the waist, hem and on the hood. Currently available at online store The-Glade and FIRMAMENT in Berlin.


Linienstrasse 40 | Map

10119 Berlin Germany

Reflective Jacket Blue

Reflective Jacket Blue 2

Reflective Jacket Blue 3

Reflective Jacket Blue 4

Reflective Jacket Blue 5

Reflective Jacket Yellow

Reflective Jacket Yellow 2

Reflective Jacket Yellow 3

Reflective Jacket Blue 6