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2012 Audi RS 3 | Video

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audi 2012 rs3 summary

There is a definite do not try this at home factor here, unless you have the roads all to yourself. But check out the Audi 2012 RS 3 as it tackles a very curvaceous and snow-covered course, showing off the AWD Quattro drivetrain. The Audi 3 model has re-energized the brand for motor enthusiasts, and the only thing missing was a version in the RS range - which we're pretty much sure to see in model year 2012. Audi is clearly leveraging the energy around drifting culture here, but the resulting video has no Ludacris soundtrack; instead, it's an almost mesmeric study in driving physics. Audi poured some money into this ad too - note multiple camera angles and extensive helicopter footage. Check out the video after the jump. via: WCF.