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Reebok GL6000

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GL6000 Red 5

Late last year, Australian sneaker boutique Highs And Lows (HAL) injected energy into the classic 80's running sneakers, GL6000 from Reebok. To keep the ball rolling, Reebok is releasing three versions of the GL6000 in vivid colorways, red, blue and black. Nylon mesh and suede uppers emphasizes the retro aesthetics and it also provides functionality as well by increasing breathability. This model is equipped with Dynamic Cradle System in the midsole, ensuring stability and cushioning for the wearer. All of these models are currently available through pre-order at mita sneakers and these will launch officially on Friday, January 28th.

GL6000 Red

GL6000 Red 2

GL6000 Red 3

GL6000 Red 4

GL6000 Red 6

GL6000 Blue

GL6000 Blue 2

GL6000 Blue 3

GL6000 Blue 4

GL6000 Blue 5

GL6000 Black

GL6000 Black 2

GL6000 Black 3

GL6000 Black 4

GL6000 Black 5