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Audi Carbon Skis - Carbon Fiber Skis Concept

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It will be one of the largest winter storms on record in recent decades, blanketing some 20+ states and affecting just over 100 million people in the eastern half of the country, or  1/3 of population in the US. So while we all hunkering down for the worst, some of us wish we can get our hands on these, the new Audi Carbon Skis.

Designed in part with Austrian sporting gear provider HEAD, the Audi Carbon Skis is a lattice work of carbon fiber on top of a wooden core for ideal flexibility. In addition, aluminum and titanium provide the needed rigidity. A direct technology application from racetracks to ski slopes, the Audi Carbon Skis feature the same manufacturing process which went into its latest R18 racing chassis for Le Mans 24 Hours. The resulting goal approximately 960 grams each, or roughly 2 pounds, the skis will withstand the rigors of skiing yet light enough to give skiers a competitive edge. Currently undergoing test trials at German Ski Association with possible availability at the end of this year. via: Dezeen